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become the next famous fashion designer, stylist, buyer, pr, fashion editor, CEO, art director, creative director...

"I just secured my dream Fashion Marketing internship! Over 80+ People applied and in the middle of a pandemic!  I can’t believe it! Thank you so much the course was extremely helpful!!!!"

Georgia, Student of Break into the Fashion Industry, completed the course in November 2020

Hey Fashion Enthusiast!

10 years ago I was right where you are today: I wanted to work in fashion but I had NO idea on what were the very first steps, the career opportunities and where to start...

I had zero connections, I didn't live in a fashion capital, I didn't have experience in this industry and I didn't attend a fashion school...

...I had zero confidence but BIG dreams.

And if you are here, I'm sure you have big dreams as well...

I TOTALLY understand how you're feeling, the questions you have and where are you now...

Today, after a decade in this industry, having worked at companies such as Yoox-Net-A-Porter, Kering, Alexander McQueen and as the CEO of the pioneer fashion career advice platform Glam Observer and the first and only to be featured in the Forbes Under 30 list for the Fashion Career Advice...

...I want to pass on all the secrets I learned so that you can turn your fashion dream into reality and break into the fashion industry quickly!

Let me break down some false assumptions about the fashion industry:

It's FALSE that you can't work in fashion if you don't have a fashion degree.

Most of the people who work in fashion actually have more "traditional" degrees in fact

It's FALSE that you already need experience in the field.

Every fashion professional, (including Anna Wintour!) started from scratch!

It's FALSE that if you don't know anyone you can't get a job.

BUT it's true that your connections will help you a lot! Luckily you are in the right place today even if now you're number of connections in fashion is zero!

So... if I don't necessarily need a fashion degree and if my applications are not working, what do I REALLY need to get a job in fashion?

Unconventional Strategies!

Fashion is very competitive, 500 people on average apply for the same job.

You can't get noticed if you keep doing what everyone else is doing.

In this course you are not going to find what people typically suggest to get a job.

THE ONLY WAY to get a job or internship in fashion in 2021 is to use unconventional strategies that will impress recruiters and managers! And you need to apply them the correct way.

Keep also this in mind: a creative and unconventional application overcomes any possible lack of skills and experience outlined in the job description ;)

With this course you'll learn how to do so. In 90% of the cases, people can't get a job in fashion because they use the wrong application strategies.

Exceptional CV, Cover Letters and Portfolio.. and something NEW!

Even if you'll learn new ways to find a job in fashion, the old documents such as your resume, cover letter and portfolio are still essential!

But with this course you'll learn that if you want to get a job in fashion you can't just create one resume, cover letter or portfolio and use them for all the jobs.

These documents not only need to have the right structure and template, but they also need to contain specific keywords and information to be approved by recruiters and even ATS (applicant tracking systems!).

PLUS I'll also reveal exclusive NEW resources that will go along with these 3 documents to triple your chances to get the job and prove you are the right one they need to hire!

The 2 CC: Connections and Confidence

Most of the jobs in fashion are assigned through word of mouth.

So how can you be part of these conversations so that you get to know about these job opportunities and people will recommend/propose you for a job/internship?

With this course you'll have your first fashion connections already TODAY even if now you have zero!

Wondering what you'll say to these fashion people you don't know?

How to start a conversation and how to turn that connection into a job?

Don't worry, we got you covered! You'll know exactly what and when to say what.

By the end of this courses you'll feel 100% confident!

This course will give you the resources, motivation, tools and unparalleled support to find jobs, companies, and connections by the end of this week.


What you'll get and learn

  • A full system of unconventional strategies, so you can stand out among anyone else, impress recruiters and your future bosses even if you don’t have experience yet, which means you don’t have to waste months to start working in your dream industry or struggle anymore because you don’t know how to do or how to get noticed to get into fashion

  • How to email people and companies so you can get a job even when online there is anything you can apply for, which means many more doors will open to you! You’ll have many more career opportunities than you imagined!

  • Email templates, so you can email directly recruiters, managers, stylists, editors... which means you’ll immediately start getting responses when you apply for any job. With the mix of strategies and templates, you don’t have to worry about what to write in those emails, if you’re annoying them or if you’ll get a response

  • I’ll teach you how to network so you will have your first connections today which means that you’ll finally be part of the fashion system and be in those conversations with industry professionals where the magic word of mouth happens and get more career opportunities in a simple way perfect for introverts!

  • I’ll give you access to the FB group so you can network with other fashion enthusiasts like you which means you’ll have an entire community of like-minded people where you can get support and build friendships!

  • You’ll get CV and Cover Letter templates so you can build yours in 10 minutes, which means that you save time and you don’t have to worry if your documents will be effective or what to write even when you’re at the beginning of your career! 

You might be asking... but Giada, what makes you so sure that your course will help me get a response when I apply for jobs, an interview and eventually a job?

Especially during the pandemic
when the industry is so tough?

I'm glad you asked! It means that you care about your investment and that you are considering who is going to be your Fashion Mentor!

First of all, I'm serious. Did I mention I graduated in management engineering and I also have a Master in Fashion Management? I'm quite a pragmatic and logical person. This is my job, what I've been doing full-time for 4 years now. It's my area of expertise. I live and breathe fashion career 24/7. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I almost never sleep. I'm always there for my community, always learning new things, testing new strategies for YOU.

Glam Observer is a registered Srl company in Milan, Italy, this is not a hobby, side hustle, or something I started a couple of months ago.

Even though this is a business, I never think with the money -mindset but with YOUR RESULTS in mind!

This particular course has been running for over 2 years now! It's the first one of this kind... and if I was just selling any course that doesn't bring results (it seems online courses are quite popular now ah!), I won't still be here today.

And I founded Glam Observer which is the first fashion career advice platform EVER! The original one, over 7 years ago. Plus I mentioned a bit more about my story above already.

If you don't trust me when I say that I know what I'm talking about, maybe it might assure you and your wallet that you're not wasting your money and time, the fact that I am the first and only one ever to be featured in the Forbes Under 30 list in the education category for this particular course about getting a job in fashion. When I got that Forbes nominee in March 2020 many people suggested me to increase my prices. I've decided that I still wanted to leave it affordable, as I say I don't think with the money in mind, but with your results!

But most of all, the reason why I can confidently say this is a life-changing course is because of the results of my students and how ALL the thousands of them from all over the world (Italy, US, UK, France, Spain...) are 100% happy and satisfied even during this global emergency, when it's more important than ever to use the right strategies as there are fewer jobs and you can't go wrong in your applications and miss opportunities. I've added new strategies and adjusted them to make sure that you'll be able to use powerful strategies even in these hard times! And I've always been there to support and motivate all of my students.

And they are seeing results! Look below

Just a Small Sample of our Amazing Alumni

"After my graduation I was looking for a course that could help me professionally. I applied to several jobs and didn’t hear back. Then I came across Glam Observer. I highly recommend the How to Break into the Fashion Industry course!  Whether you are a student, or you already have lots of work experience and are looking to change careers, this course is very helpful! The section that helped me the most was The Fashion Job Application Tools section. The downloadable spreadsheets helped me stay organized during my job search. Although, I had previous work experience in the fashion industry I learned so much more about different career paths including Fashion PR, Journalism, Styling and Buying.

After taking this course, I got a job at Tory Burch and completed an internship at SMCP (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot, De Fursac)"

- Mariangela

"I enrolled in this course during my final year in advertising. I wanted to know how to approach the world of fashion, as it is a very competitive and exclusive. The course provided me with a lot of important information, for example what the most popular roles consisted of (stylist, buyer, etc.). But above all it helped me to understand how important it was to expand my network, how to write a CV that could attract attention and highlight my qualities, and how to write Cover Letter.

Thanks to this course I was able to introduce myself through a CV and a Cover Letter which allowed me to win a scholarship for a Master in fashion in Paris and subsequently find several internships in the world of fashion (Pr agency and Christian Dior) "

- Eleonora

"This course is so worthwhile! I studied design at university but have felt completely lost since graduating. This course clearly broke down the best ways to approach getting your dream job and in a really enjoyable, inspiring and manageable way. Each module is full of information, and the templates that Giada has created are such valuable tools to have. Through this course, Giada teaches you things that people don’t typically tell you about applying to jobs in fashion, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to secure their dream job. I’m now approaching the whole application process with completely fresh eyes - thank you so much Giada!!"

- Marina S.

"In the course I learned how to email fashion companies and people, where to find the email addresses even when online there aren't, I used the email templates and I got a job at CR Fashion Book AND L'Officiel!"

And I chose to work at CR Fashion Book!"

- Eman

"I secured my dream Fashion Marketing internship at Extras Group! Over 80+ People applied and in the middle of a pandemic!  I can’t believe it! Thank you so much the course was extremely helpful!!!!"

- Georgia

"This course was incredibly useful and beneficial while starting out in the fashion industry. It contains some excellent insights for tips on how to network and gain recruiter’s attention. For me, applying to jobs during the pandemic was a long and difficult process – this course gave me ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ and motivated me to keep pushing. Having been through the course and job search myself, I personally think that nothing is more important than surrounding yourself with driven, motivated individuals that will lift you up and encourage you. I found this sense of community through Glam Observer and find it such a crucial part of advancing professionally.”

- Iantha now works at Coty on brands such as Marc Jacobs and Tiffany & Co.

Read what some of the 2021 Class Students are saying:

"I decided to sign up for the Break in Fashion course after I attended a free webinar and it immediately sparked my interest. I thought I knew a lot about recruitment within the fashion industry but this course caught me off guard. I learned so much and it helped me better understand what I want and don't want to do. I am in the process of completion, but I can't wait to start sending my applications incorporating all the helpful tips Giada gave me. I believe these will help me massively as they are not something you figure out by yourself, you need someone with experience to tell you. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to pursue a career in the fashion industry but doesn't know how to enter it or what career path to choose. "

- Hana M.

"Giada’s course is well broken down and easy to follow! It provides helpful tips, insider tricks and shows you how to think outside of the box to get noticed in a highly competitive industry. I am currently studying for a Masters and only in the first section of completing the online course but already feel much more knowledgable about the fashion application process and unconventional means to apply for jobs. I have gained great confidence to put myself out there and begin communicating with industry professionals. Overall really motivating and helpful, I’m sure it will help me apply myself to reach my goals! 

- Melissa D.

Hear how Eman went from not getting responses to working at CRFashionBook with no fashion degree, no previous experience.. just implementing the unconventional strategies she learned in the course!!

"Invest in yourself, it always pays off.

I wasn't getting responses from fashion brands...

then after the course I reached out to 4 magazines and got a job at L'Officiel and CR Fashion Book!

I had the opportunity to choose between two magazines! I then went with CRFashionBook.

I don't have a fashion degree, I had zero experience and I don't live in a fashion capital..."

Read what the fashion industry is saying:

"If you seek a career in fashion, Glam Observer is the best platform to quickly understand the codes of the industry. It’s a real career partner, empowering young ambitious talents during each steps of their professional journey. Giada is doing an amazing work, by building a strong community of passionate people, aiming to become the leaders of tomorrow."

- Patricia Dia, Christian Dior Couture

"Glam Observer allows you to get practical help in researching and developing an international career in fashion, thanks also to the contribution of the community and the network created by other users."

- Serena Castrignano Vogue Italia

Laura Brown, Editor-in-Chief of InStyle Magazine

Forbes Italy article on Glam Observer, the fashion career advice platform founded by Giada Graziano

Are you ready to join me and start your successful journey in the fashion industry?


This course is made for you if:

  • You are tired of applying for fashion jobs and/or fashion internships and not getting results
  • You want to get your first job in fashion and don’t know where to start from
  • You want to start immediately in the fashion industry, you look forward to work at your favorite brands
  • You want to know how to build your network in fashion from scratch and how to leverage your connections to get a job
  • You want to stand out from the competition and learn new strategies to get a job in fashion QUICKLY
  • You want to know exactly how to approach people and companies to get a job and what to say to them
  • You want to know what to write in your CV and Cover Letter and the keywords to add for each fashion job
  • You want to know what to post on social media (Instagram and LinkedIn) to attract recruiters
  • You want to get your first fashion internship abroad
  • You want to get a job as a Stylist, PR, Buyer, Marketing, Merchandising, Editor, E-commerce...
  • You want to know what are the skills required for each fashion career
  • You want to learn how to use LinkedIn for your career in fashion
  • You want to see how other fashion professionals have built a successful portfolio
  • You want to know what companies will ask you during a job interview and what to answer
  • You want to understand what are the different career options in fashion and what fashion job is made for you
  • You want to know exactly step-by-step what to do to get a job in fashion with no struggle

Before Break into the fashion industry

  • Confused about what to do and where to start from to get a job/internship in fashion
  • You don't know what fashion job is made for you and what are the different career opportunities in fashion
  • Don't have a CV or have one that you don't know if it's effective
  • You don't know what skills to add to your CV and how to make sure it contains the right keywords
  • Don't know how to write an effective cover letter that convinces brands
  • You are applying for jobs and internships but not getting responses from companies
  • Not getting responses from people when you send an email or via LinkedIn
  • Don't know how to use LinkedIn for your career and to network
  • You don't have the email address of people (stylists, recruiters, editors..) to send a cold/email or direct application
  • You don't know how to ask for informational interviews and you are intimidated to reach out to them
  • You have zero or a few connections in the fashion industry
  • You don't know how to prepare and behave at a job interview
  • Stressed, scared, lost and frustrated
  • You don't know where to find fashion jobs and internships

After Break into the fashion industry

  • You know exactly step-by-step what to do to get a job or internship in fashion
  • You know what are the careers in fashion and did an exercise so you know what fashion job is made for you
  • You have built a new CV in 10 minutes with our ready-to-use and fashion companies-approved templates
  • You have a list of skills for each job (stylist, pr, buyer, designer, editor...) to add to your CV
  • You'll write your cover letters in 15 minutes with our structure and templates
  • You are using new strategies to stand out and you have started getting responses from your applications
  • You have copy-and-paste emails so you know exactly what to say when you email a recruiter, a stylist...
  • You set up your LinkedIn profile and you're using it to network and find jobs
  • You have learned a precious trick to find the email address of anyone in fashion (recruiters, buyers, stylists, editors..)
  • You have copy-and-paste emails to request informational interviews and the questions you should ask
  • You have started building your fashion network online and in-person
  • You know everything you have to do before, during and after a job interview and what questions they'll ask you
  • Motivated, happy, productive and very self-confident
  • You have a list of websites to look for jobs and internships plus know exactly what to do when your favorite brands don't have a job open in that moment




What happens if tomorrow your favorite company posts your dream job or internship and you don't use the correct strategies or you feel lost and not sure if you are applying the right way? You might miss this opportunity forever. You can't apply again for the same job. I don't want you to miss your favorite job opportunities! And I'm sure you neither.

Learn every secret on how to turn an application into a success, getting a step ahead of the competition and get your dream job or internship quickly.

The break into the fashion industry course is very practical and actionable (rather than theory/opinion/fluff). It’s 4-5 hours of content that you could watch in one weekend. And it is based on a system. It’s literally like, “do all this stuff and you’ll see results.” I tell you what to do and in what order.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the modules:

MODULE 1: An overview of the Fashion Industry and its Career possibilities PLUS How to understand what Fashion Job Is made for you

Whether you already have clear ideas of what fashion job is made for you, you want to know what are the different careers in fashion or you want to explore other options, in this first module will see together what are the different career options in fashion, the structure of fashion departments and the career possibilities from the bottom, to what you'll become in 10 years. We will see the skills required for each career and how to get started for each (little secret: each career in fashion has different ways to begin, for a buyer, I'd recommend doing X to get started, for an aspiring stylist I recommend Y to get started...) plus we will do together a fun but very useful exercise to understand what fashion job is made for you. Understanding what is the right job/department for you is the first step for a successful application. So many people actually can't get a job in fashion because even if they know what career to go with, they make some mistakes in the job search process.

MODULE 2: The Fast-Track Unconventional Fashion Job Application Strategies

In this module we will see:

  • where to find the best fashion jobs and internships, which websites to look at
  • how to use LinkedIn to find a job
  • the requirement to consider before applying
  • I'll walk you step by step on the cold-email strategy, how to use it, when, who to email and what to say in this email
  • how to email a fashion recruiter
  • how to ask for informational interviews
  • you'll learn my special secret strategy on how and where to find the email addresses of everyone in fashion (recruiters, stylists, editors...) PLUS you'll be able to download the EMAIL TEMPLATE so you know exactly what to write in each email.

MODULE 3: The Fashion Job Application Tools

Writing an outstanding CV and the perfect Cover Letter is the first step to getting a job in fashion. You'll learn step-by-step how to create the perfect CV and Cover letter specifically for the fashion industry AND how to customize them to each fashion job with the list of keywords! Plus new resources (AKA your secret weapons) to send along these documents that will triple your chances to get the job/internship!

MODULE 4: Fashion Internships

You don't have experience in fashion yet? Fashion Internships represent your ticket to the fashion industry! In this module, you'll learn what to do before, during and after your fashion internship, what are the different fashion internship opportunities, what are the fashion internships that will lead you to a job, unpaid internships and interning in a fashion capital.

MODULE 5: How to Build your Network in Fashion from scratch

Networking is crucial for your career in fashion. Most of the jobs are assigned through word-of-mouth so the more people you know, the more career opportunities you'll have not only at the beginning of your career but also later, when you want to change job or company.

With this module, the word "networking" will no longer scare you. You'll learn how to network on LinkedIn, Instagram, via email, and in-person with confidence! You'll know exactly WHO you should network with, what and when to say what. You'll also get a list of 100+ fashion professionals to follow (stylists, editors, fashion professionals...) . Plus you'll learn how to cultivate your connections in the future and how to turn them career opportunities.

MODULE 6: How to Ace a Job Interview with a Fashion Company

When you secure a job interview you are very close to your dream job so you can't go wrong in this step. It's just you and a couple of other applicants. YOU have to tell and show them you are the one they are looking for. You'll learn what to do, how to prepare and how to behave during the different steps of a job interview (phone, online, in-person, skills test...) PLUS you'll find a list of the most common questions they ask and an extra tip from BURBERRY’s Talent Acquisition Manager

MODULE 7: How to Build your Personal Branding Online

If you don't have a personal brand online, you're missing job opportunities. Fashion recruiters nowadays check your online presence when they receive your application but also to find the perfect candidate to hire. So you want to make sure that all your social profiles (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) and your online portfolio are on point to get the job! In this module you'll also see 6 case studies of fashion professionals who excel at personal branding.

BONUSES (valued $1.526 included for FREE)

Yeeeeees! And they are our students' favorite resources!

Registering for How to Break into the Fashion Industry will not only give you access to all 7 modules, with video lessons, exercises, tests...but you'll also get these exclusive bonuses valued $1.526, for free. Including...



($270 value, included for free)

Ready to use and approved by fashion companies and ATS (applicants tracking systems) to build your best CV ever in 10 minutes!



($300 value included for free)

You need to use unconventional strategies to stand out and emailing directly people and companies is one of the most effective way to get a job in fashion. With these email templates you don't have to worry about what to write in your emails. There is a template for everything: Cold emails, follow up emails, reach out to the recruiters, self-application emails...



($170 value included for free)

Writing a cover letter has never been so easy! You'll find 3 written in the course to take inspiration from. Tweak them and have a cover letter ready in 15 minutes!



($39 value included for free)

includes tips from Burberry's Recruiter



($250 Value included for free)

to start following and interacting with on Instagram and LinkedIn



($300 value included for free)

to network with other students and get support


Course Certification

When you complete the course you'll get a certification that you can add to your CV and LinkedIn profile which employers will recognize as a sign of an interested, motivated and ambitious applicant.

Get Started Now!

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  • Full Break into the Fashion Industry Course
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  • BONUS 3 Cover letters
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  • BONUS Email templates
  • BONUS A list of fashion professionals
  • BONUS Fashion Job interview ebook



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  • BONUS Events and workshops with fashion professionals
  • BONUS Email templates
  • BONUS A list of fashion professionals
  • BONUS Fashion Job interview ebook

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We've got A's for your Q's

When does the course start and finish?

It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. The course is 4-5 hours of recorded video lessons immediately available in your course library, so you can take it in one weekend or study 30 minutes for 10 days ;)  

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course so you can come back and watch each lesson whenever you want.  

I didn't study fashion. Is this course good for me?

Absolutely. In the first module, we will see together an overview of the fashion industry and what are the different career options, the skills required for each, what to study and how to get your first job in PR, marketing, as an editor, stylist... So it's a great opportunity also to learn how the fashion industry works ;)

I have zero experience in fashion. Will this course help me?

Of course! Fashion internships are the first option for those who don't have experience in fashion. There is an entire module on fashion internships and how to get your first one! Hannah, my first student, got her first internship at a prestigious company with no previous experience in the industry, thanks to this course! How does this sound ;) ?  

I live in France/Italy/Spain/US/UK... Will this course help me too?

The strategies of How to break into the fashion industry are international. You can apply them in any city you are to get a job wherever you want. Do you live in Italy and want to work in London? Do you live in Spain and want to work in Paris? Are you from New York and want to work in New York? You don't you live in a fashion capital and want to stay at home and work in fashion anyway? The course is for everyone :)  

I did two internships in fashion, but now I cannot find a new job. Is this course for me?

This course is for those who are struggling with getting a job in fashion. Whatever is your previous situation :) If you don't have a fashion job yet, it doesn't mean the fashion industry is not made for you, you're just doing something wrong when applying. With this course you'll get all the tools and learn all the strategies and industry secrets to get in fashion quickly  

I attended a fashion school. I'm afraid that the lessons of the course are similar to the lessons of the fashion school I took.

Well, obviously I don't know which school or fashion course you attended so I don't know the lessons you took. But I can tell you from my experience (I have a master in fashion) and from the opinions of the students (some students of this online course studied at Istituto Marangoni, Central Saint Martins, Condè Nast College of Fashion, Polimoda) and they all confirmed is a completely different approach. In this course, I do not teach you the styling or design techniques or how to write a fashion article. How to break into the fashion industry is focused on getting a job for every career option you choose. It gives you the practical tools you need to get into the working world of fashion. Consider How to break into the fashion industry as a complementary course to the lessons you took at your fashion school.  

Have more questions?

Email me at courses@glamobserver.com